Thursday, December 1, 2016

News, just hate it...

     Just another oddly timed rant. I have noticed a bunch of news sites that are reporting the same stuff but with just a tad different info. When you do a search or look up the background info on the story, you find the info not even close to being the truth. Or it has been flip flopped to suit the writer. The shitty part is that most of these sites are either oblivious to the errors or that's the info as intended. Just seems to me that, if the story that your reading gets you that (one way or the other) stoked up, you would want to make sure it is true. I in my life would never willing post anything on the internet that I thought wasn't true to the best of my knowledge. I tend to see a story and have to have all the information I can get my hands on. Be it celebrity, political, or entertainment.

     Like I see a lot movie reviews about the next big movie and everyone is saying, don't go see this movie it sucks, but you stop and get the info on all the angles. You find that it was just one part of the movie that made the trickle effect of the bad reviews. So you go see the movie anyways and find it was a damn good movie. Yes that part everyone was basing the whole movie on did bring the movie down, but not enough to warrant the review in the first place. (whoops, kinda when off track a tad)

     Same goes for the news being sloshed around today. Left side hates right side, middle side torn between both sides. Alt L/R sides just way to one side or the other. Sides damning other sides for someone else's side. Confusing don't you think. I had always thought that it was my grandchildren that gave me my gray hair. Come to find wasn't them it was the rest of the world! And what I mean by that is: THIS IS MY WORLD... each of us has our own little space on this big blue planet that is theirs. We choose who is in it. Who comes, who goes, who gets to peek at it and those who are forbidden to it. I'm pretty smart in my world, but my youngest beats me at math. Damn, I don't know how she can remember all the stuff she does. I'm not an expert on anything, but beginner on everything.

     I tend to try to do to much of everything to keep this place running. If something around my world gets broken I damn sure going to try to fix it. Unless its glass... have a hard time with glass. I will not glue anything back up. It aint that damn important to get cut or something. Not much happens in my world, all of us here just keep getting older. Anything outside of that is just that, OUTSIDE of my world. No matter all the fucked up shit that's going through the news right now really doesn't affect my world. Unless you try to step into my world with bad intentions...then my world is going to fuck you up...big time. But the one thing that I was taught my whole life and that I taught my kids and grand-kids is, knowledge is power! The more you know the better off you are. My mom, "bless her soul" taught me that I could find everything I need in a book. Now it's kinda the internet and here is my point to this long winded rant.

     Just because it's the headline doesn't make it true. So please, if all you have to do in my world is post about shit in yours that is NOT 100% true...please, some research, open a book read a little on it...then post it. If I can take to time to do it when I say something so can you. Or maybe just maybe you don't need to be in my world. Because I have to most loving, flexible, and down right aggravating world... but it's mine!

Why do we have to take sides? That will be another rant...

 (warning: this is not about you, I didn't write it to piss you off...if you are, then you, yes you, need to fix it not me. Read a book on it?!)

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hey you....why you on my lawn?!

So I figured that I would make a blog just for the ramblings of me... thoughts that I would give a chance on the internet. Maybe I will post more if I have this up. Who knows? We will see, as I tried this once. Did it for a few weeks and then just kept the voices in my head. So lets try it again. I normally don't post anything worth reading, but its nice to have a place to blow up and keep around for analyzing later on. If you have read this far... put your seat-belt on and enjoy the ride!